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Evergreen shrubs are essential for any landscape as they often provide year round structure by holding their leaves throughout the winter months. We grow full, hardy evergreen shrubs that not only hold their leaves year round but also provide other desirable ornamental characteristics such as flowers or colorful foliage. Mixing evergreens in with other flowering shrubs and perennials can give your landscape multi-season appeal!

  • Sulphurea Arizona Cypress

    Sulphurea Arizona Cypress

    Cupressus glabra 'Sulphurea'. A unique sulphur yellow version of a typically blue tinted conifer. Vigorous upright growth habit with chalky yellow bluish needles. Drought tolerant, full sun. 10-15' Ht.


  • Camellia Shi Shi Gashira

    Camellia Shi Shi Gashira

    Dwarf growing sasanqua camellia reaching only 3-5 feet in height. Great for foundation use or mixed in with other smaller flowering shrubs as a backdrop evergreen. Zone 6b cold hardy. 1 gallons ready 2015


  • Daub's Frosted Juniper

    Daub's Frosted Juniper

    Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted'. Low spreading juniper reaching 12-15" in height but 4-5' in spread. Golden yellow needles accented by blueish green frosted foliage. Full sun, Zone 4-8. 1 gallons ready summer 2014


  • Fargesia rufa (Clumping Bamboo)

    Fargesia rufa (Clumping Bamboo)

    A beautiful clumping, non spreading and non invasive bamboo cold hardy to zone 5! Only reaches about 10' in height. Great for containers or screening in dry shaded areas where a non spreading bamboo is needed.


  • Feelin' Blue Weeping Deodar Cedar

    Feelin' Blue Weeping Deodar Cedar

    Cedrus deodara 'Feelin' Blue'. Graceful, dwarf growing conifer with broad, descending branches and chalky blue needles. Reaches 24"-36" in height with a 5-6' spread. Zone 6 with protection.


  • Camellia Cleopatra

    Camellia Cleopatra

    Semi double fragrant pink flowers on this fall bloomer. Early flowering, attractive wine red new growth. Vigorous grower, great for screening or accent planting. 10-15' height. Sun to part shade. Zone 7-9. Ships in full 3 gallon container.


  • Camellia x Winter Snowman

    Camellia x Winter Snowman

    Abundant pure white semi-double blooms in fall/winter. Cold hardy to Zone 6! Vigorous growth habit to 12'+ with wine red colored new growth. 1 gallons ready fall 2014


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